All workshops/Classes/Seminars are custom designed.

Leadership Development
This workshop addresses overall personal and professional development through enhancing both self and organizational awareness. It provides team development skills and performance management concepts and tools. It enhances the leader in managers and supports the manager in leaders.

Customer Service
This workshop enables participants to use their individual differences to help identify and examine different types of customers and how to interact with them. Participants learn a basic customer service model, and have lots of practice and reinforcement in the use of fundamental and essential skills needed to create favorable internal and external relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our Diversity and Inclusion workshop provides essential skills for survival in the multicultural world of work. Through a series of activities, self-assessment and reflection, participants increase their overall ability to work effectively with all customers (internal and external) regardless of age, ancestry, color, gender identity, handicap, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or any other characteristics.

Stress Management
In this workshop, participants learn "de-stress" centering and mind-clearing strategies to help handle stress effectively. The workshop allows participants to analyze their current stress factors. It provides conventional and holistic methods to assist in dealing with stress more effectively.

This course enables participants to recognize and deal with interpersonal as well as cultural "hot buttons" that may impede success on the job. The course enables participants to accurately understand the work environment versus having false assumptions. It provides a way to start dealing effectively with issues that have cumulated over time

This course enables participants to examine how well they are personally managing emotions in different parts of their life. Through the use of a conflict model and an understanding of emotional intelligence, participants will be introduced to ways to better deal with emotionally charged situations that create conflict and cause anger and frustrations to build.


“Thank you for your thoughtful preparation and engagement with me and with the group who agreed to participate in this week’s feedback session. I know that entry into a process is critical to the tone of participant engagement and your appreciative stance and reflective skills certainly were an asset.”

Many thanks – much to ponder.”

—N. Roggen,
Company Serving Pharmaceutical Industry, Philadelphia Metropolitan Area

“It is rare to find a trainer as exceptional as Dolores Davis. She may be a consultant, but she acts more like a dedicated member of our staff. Dolores has gone out of her way to get to knowour staff and the issues we face. Her training programs reflect our organizational culture and have significantly helped us achieve our customer service goals. In addition to her excellent fund of knowledge, Dolores brings humor, warmth, passion, and joy to her session. I trust Dolores completely. Her judgment, skilland personal attributes are highly respected by staff throughour our system.”

—A. Cogen,
Training Coordinator, FLP